Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Helium Stick

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Have the group divide into two lines and face each other.

RULE: everyone's index fingers must remain in contact with the stick at all times, and the stick must rest on top of their fingers at all times (no grabbing, finger curling, etc.)

Have the group extend their index fingers at their waist level.

Lay the stick across the group's fingers.

At that time, the group must work together to lower the stick to the ground.

Inevitably, the stick rises almost instantly! The rise is caused by the small ripples of upward pressure as individuals each try to remain in contact with the stick.

After refocusing, the group should be able to lower the stick to the ground.

What was the initial reaction of the group?
How well did the group cope with this challenge?
What skills did it take to be successful as a group?
What creative solutions were suggested and how were they received?
What would an outside observer have seen as the strengths and weaknesses of the group?
What roles did people play?
What did each group member learn about him/her self as an individual?
What other situations (e.g., at school, home or work) are like the Helium Stick?

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