Monday, January 18, 2016

Accountability Systems

Accountability to team standards critically impacts all aspects of team performance.  If the coach is the only person holding members of a team accountable, adversarial relationships naturally form between members of the team.  Athletes eventually become uninspired or perhaps reluctant to perform their best.
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Conversely, having an Accountability System in place helps teams own their standards, improves communication, team involvement, and team success.

Start with four tiers to your Accountability System.

  • Personal Responsibility - Athletes must abide by the standards of the team -- the standards that s/he helped to create.  These are standards s/he must believe in.  They should have been created with the sincere belief that they will help their team achieve its very best.
  • Team Accountability - As mentioned above, when the team creates their own standards, personal and team accountability naturally become part of your team culture.
  • Team Involvement - If/ when a situation arises that threatens your team culture, the athletes on the team must be the first to step up to address it.  One athlete may address it on his/ her own, or a small group of athletes may join together to show their support.  Should this not be enough, then the whole team must join together to address the situation.
  • Coach Involvement - Only when a meeting of the whole team does not resolve the threat should the coach get involved. 

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