Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Video as a Teaching Tool

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On a fundamental level, athletic coaches have been using technology to improve student-athlete achievement for years.  Think about video as a teaching tool.  I can share a video clip with my student-athletes, perhaps one that shows our offense attacking a particular defense, and I can pause it, and from that point, I can ask, "At this exact moment, tell the person next to you what each person on defense (and/or offense) is thinking?  And what should he be ready to do?"

I think back to video lectures as a young student-athlete, and as a young coach, and I remember very well nearly falling asleep and watching my athletes fall asleep.

Could this small adjustment to the teaching and learning process change all that?
Could this add to the already doing that is taking place in practice and in the classroom?

I'm left asking myself, how can I make this even better?  And more importantly, how does this apply to the classroom?

I'm excited to see how far this Tech Fellowship develops!

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