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Navy SEAL Standards

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Here is the physical fitness test for the Navy SEALS' training program, known as BUD/S(Basic Underwater Demolition/SEALs).  Are you up to it?

Navy SEAL PST Standards
PST Event                    Minimum Standards        Competitive Standards
500 Yard Swim                12:30                                        8 Minutes
Pushups                            40 in 2 minutes                      80-100
Sit-ups                               50 in 2 minutes                      80-100
Pull-ups                             10 in 2 minutes                      15-20
1.5 Mile Timed Run        11:30                                         9-10 Minutes

Navy SEAL Fitness Test Breakdown

  • Swim 500 Yards
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • 1.5-mile run

Swim Test
Maximum time allowed is 12 minutes, 30 seconds -- but to be competitive, you should swim the distance in at least 8 to 9 minutes.  Rest 10 minutes after swimming the 500 yard test before moving on to the next exercise.

Push-up Test
Minimum number is 40 in 2 minutes, but you should shoot for at least 100 for an average score. Do not pace yourself. Push as many push-ups out as fast as you can, but do not neglect proper form or the SEAL instructor will not count them. Rest 2 minutes, then move on to the next exercise.

Sit-up Test
Minimum number is 50 in 2 minutes, but you should strive for at least 100 in 2 minutes for an average score. PACE yourself! Try doing 20 to 30 sit-ups in 30 seconds; that will put you within the 80-to-100-sit-ups range for 2 minutes.  Rest 2 minutes, then move on.

Pull-up Test
The minimum is eight pull-ups with no time limit, but you cannot touch the ground or let go of the bar.  You should be able to do 15 to 20 to be competitive. Rest 10 minutes before the last exercise of the test.

Run Test
The maximum time allowed for this one is 11 minutes, 30 seconds, but you should be able to cover the distance in 9 to 10 minutes to be competitive. Pace yourself: do not start off too fast on the first lap. Shoot for a 90-seconds quarter-mile run time around a standard high school track. 

Scoring the Test

Scoring this test fairly requires a creative way to assess students' strengths and weaknesses and to have method that gives you an objective score in order to rank students.  We choose to rank our athletes the following way:

500-yard Swim Score
Score one point per second.  So every second counts!  
Example:  7:10 500-yard swim would score the athlete 430 points (7 x 60 +10 = 430)

1.5-mile Run Score
Score one point per second.
Example:  10:30 1.5-mile run would score the athlete 630 points (10 x 60 +30 = 630)

Push-up Score
Score one point for every push-up.

Sit-up Score
Score one point for every sit-up.

Pull-up Score
Multiply the number of pull-ups by six for the total pull-up score.
Example:  10 pull-ups would score the athlete 60 points (10 x 6 = 60)

Body-weight Score
Score one point for every pound the athlete weighs.  (This helps make the playing field more even for pull-ups, running, etc.)

Total Score Calculation
(Swim + Run Scores) - (Push-up + Sit-up + Pull-up Scores) - (Body-weight Score) = Total Score

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