Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Ultimate Patriot Championship

Speiker, Aquatics Center, UCLA, Speiker Aquatics
Here is one variation of an amazing team building, discipline, commitment and competitiveness program used by Coach Sam Bailey and Tustin-Irvine Patriot Aquatics water polo team.  How might you adapt a similar concept to your team?
  1. Each athlete votes for two student-athletes they consider leaders.  Coaches will tally votes.  The top three are made platoon leaders.
  2. Platoon leaders draft their team (platoon).
  3. Each platoon begins with 4000 points.  Points can be earned or lost each week according to performance and service. 
  4. The platoon that finishes last at the end of each week will have extra conditioning before or after the following practice.
  5. The top two platoons at the end of practice on June 18th will be brought the breakfast of their choice, as prepared by the other platoons, on the morning of June 23rd.

Deductions from Point Total include but are not limited to:

  • Athlete gets out during practice (restroom, etc.): 25 points
  • Athlete leaves practice early: 50 points
  • Athlete misses practice: 200 points
  • Athlete non-suit: 100 points
  • Athlete late to practice or team event: 50 points
  • Athlete with D/ F on report card: 200 points

Additions to Point Total include but are not limited to:

  • Tutoring session with teammate: 50 points
  • Perfect attendance for the week (whole platoon): 50 points
  • Athlete with A/ B only on report card (whole team): 200 points
  • Athletic and Team Challenges: varies

NOTE: Platoon leaders have the ability to speak with head coach about the removal of an athlete who is a detriment to the platoon’s ability to compete for the overall Ultimate Patriot Championship.  The head coach will have the final decision.

  • Removal of a chronic problem platoon member: 500 points

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